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Hello, I am Isaac.
I get my inspiration all over the world.

About Isaac Mentouri

Isaac Mentouri

Isaac Mentouri is an accomplished academic holding 4 degrees in Education from the University System of Georgia including a Masters in Education while regularly making the Dean's List. His experience as an educator has brought him around the world, including a semester in Shanghai, China. He is currently working on his doctorate degree.

Isaac's accomplished career in higher education has led him to open his own mobile therapeutic business, through which he provides services to indivudals and organizations seeking guidance through learning and training disciplines.

Mr. Mentouri has consistently demonstrated that by sharing his knowledge of education and personal development, he is able to identify and improve the methods his clients use to educate and inform their students and employee bases.

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Isaac Mentouri | Model | Actor

Isaac Mentouri is also a talented actor and model - with aspirations to diversify his career to fulfill both his educational and creative ambitions. You can learn more about his acting and modeling work on his dedicated website here

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