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About Isaac Mentouri Educational and Therapeutic Services

Therapeutic Services

  • Specialty
    Educational Therapy
  • Experience
    Masters in Education
  • Alma Mater

    University System of Georgia

Goals and Objectives

For Corporations

Isaac Menouri L.M.T. provides custom tailored therapeutic educational services to improve the way clients distrubute educational messages and training to their employees and staff.

For Individuals

Isaac Mentouri's approach to personalized educational therapy helps individual clients develop effective methods for setting and achieving learning milestones in order to achieve steady improvement in study habits and knowledge retention.


Traditional educational methods dictate a 'one-size-fits-all' approach that does not consider the unique learning needs of individuals. Licensed massage therapist Isaac Mentouri's methods work at both ends of the learning spectrum: to develop personalized programs that cater to the specific needs of the individual both through the source of the information and the techniques leveraged by the student to deliver proven learning strategies that focus on actionable results.

Education without retention is meaningless - simply passing 'tests' does not necessarily result in long term improvements in performance or personal growth. Mr. Mentouri's methods are designed to deliver meaningful results both at the testing level and help students develop healthy study habits that are custom tailored to their unique learning behaviors to improve long-term retention and steady improvements over time.

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