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Professional Experience

Isaac Mentouri's extensive educational experience culminated in 4 degrees related to education and massage therapy, allowing him to develop an approach to helping his clients improve retention and performance in measurable indicators for both short term and long term advancement.

During a semester abroad in China, Isaac was forced to experience and utilize his techniques first hand, as he adapted to a new culture and language structure where he quickly adapted and refined the approach he now uses to help his client identify mental blocks that impede their educational process. He then works with each client's unique learning strengths to develop a personal study approach that maximizes their strengths, while helping them avoid traditional learning methods that do not produce results

In his professional capacity, Isaac has continuously demonstrated the ability to help clients achieve above and beyond the curve, allowing them to progress in both educational and work-related goals at a faster rate than their peers. And in cases where specific learning impediments have held back individuals from career advancement, he has helped them discover new ways to learn their core materials so they can improve their lives and boost their career paths.

Massage therapist Isaac's experience with corporate clients entails assisting corporations with the development of employment and training programs that take a results-oriented approach to disseminate and testing employees to engage attention and improve on-the-job performance.

Work with Isaac Mentouri L.M.T.

Isaac Mentouri has proven abilities to help corporations and individuals interested in improving their learning methods to more effectively demonstrate advancements that lead to increased performance in both productivity and test-based metrics. Interested parties are welcome to contact Mr. Mentouri to discuss how Isaac can develop a custom-tailored educational approach for your needs.


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